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Saturday, 21 October 2017


The few times I find myself writing are the most inspiring ones, a human being can be inspired by happiness but also by some sad moments as well. They teach us about openness and love. 

If I can speak about the commitment? I could take an example from you, because although I haven't been as easy as you expected, you have the ability to endure, not only physically, but emotionally. With every morning coffee (with the chocolate heart included) you teach me about reliability, no matter what happens, I can count on that. With every random hug, you teach me about caring. With everything you do to make future plans, you teach me about commitment. Caring all the time about Gina's and Ale's well being, you teach me about love, we both know that our family happiness is our happiness and peace in the future.

I don't understand why you chose to stay or what makes you decide to be by my side, I guess, I'll find that out in time, All I know now is that you gave to me a new meaning of love and kindness, I thought I knew what love was, and even talked about it many times to many people, they listened attentively and very interested, so as a conclusion I can say that there are many people that don't know what love means.

With you I'm having a Lectio Magistralis about the meaning of love, you silently have taught me that love is not only about commitment, its also about caring for the well-being of the loved one, wanting their happiness and giving ourselves to the other. Losing myself in you has been the most sublime experience I've ever felt in my life.

I've lost innocence at a very young age, but that experience never made my heart hard, on the contrary, I've had a very soft one, and that's why has been hidden a bit. But here with you I am learning to trust in the fact that its ok to be vulnerable, and I've experienced that if I do I won't get hurt like the other times.

So I'll stay here with you my sweet love, trusting in your words and your promise of our future together for the next 40 years.

P.D: I promise I will follow more than Alexa, maybe we just need an upgrade.

Happy First Anniversary.
Love You.
Yours forever

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