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Saturday, 4 November 2017


To the ones that feel and think they are unworthy of an honest, open and true love; To you, the one that has to hide, to the one that its said "I love you" only when his or her other partner isn't watching, or when he or she has time for you, to the one that waits countless hours to have a pair of moments beside you, to finally diminish your self-worth and beg for a little bit of what you think is love, because at the end, if you are honest with yourself, that cant be love. A healthy relationship (Any kind of relationship) doesn't have the need to hide the "loved one" because of the "special circumstances". Love is about respect, cherish, honor and care at all times for the loved one.

If someone truly cares about you, doesn't deny it in front of anyone, if someone loves you will be honest from the beginning and not "at some point" if it's honest, that someone, would rather be with you than anywhere else. Being behind the curtains waiting for a crumb of his or her so-called love is the most humiliating act, waiting for a few texts, for a short call cause he or she cant talk right now.

This message is for you, the one that reads, the one that hides because you think don't deserve a true and honest love, someone you could call, text, visit, plan the future with at any given time without notice, feared, shamed or humiliated at every moment by not being recognized, constricting yourself to the act of hiding like a rat in a little hole.

The wife, the husband, the girlfriend or the boyfriend have anything to do with the decision you have made when accepting those conditions, the only responsible for your life and emotions is you.

In many cases you end up being a mistake, sex toy, a distraction, a thrill, etc In most cases I've heard them say "Of course I'm not going to divorce" "I don't really love him or her" "Is not that easy" "Its complicated" "I love my wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend" "Its just a phase" among many others. I've heard also that they wait for him or her to be showering, out or just waiting for a chance to call or be with you, and that means definitely, you are not their priority, their first thought, the one they take care of, in most cases they wake up with their partners, having their first coffee, planning the day, the months and the years to come, you will end up in a far date meeting, with much luck sharing a weekend if he or she manages to escape.

All these situations you put yourself into are no other than diminish your self-worth, because only you have allowed this to happen, but Hey! not everything is lost, you are worthy of respect, you deserve to be happy now and not after, you are beautiful, you are smart, so don't beg for crumbs of his or her so-called love, when you can have one just for you, I invite you to discover, discover the meaning of true love, just by standing in front of a mirror and asking yourself, Do I deserve this?

Leegebruch, 4 of November 2017
Patrizia Frattallone
Psychosocial Therapist

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